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My Super Easy Weight Loss Secret ICE

The #1 New Year’s Resolution is lose weight.

The easiest safest instant change You can make is to fill every glass with ICE by volume no matter what cold drink you enjoy it automatically adds more water to Your body & Your diet.  A glass full of ICE instantly cuts calories & sugar without thinking from nearly everything you choose to drink.

Weight Loss is not always easy to do so I find simple quick changes that are easy make the biggest difference finding what works for you & easily fits your weight loss plan & choices

I found out at age 21 that I was born with only 1 kidney from my kidney specialist He recommended I drink more water daily. He also suggested I limit alcohol because for me it is a health risk but it also Dehydrates.  My girls & anyone I know drinking I always remind them to drink more water.

Fruits & Vegetables natural Instant foods are quicker & easier to eat. Just pick Your favorites then clean & bag them for on the go meals. If You need to avoid fruit sugars it is just as easy to bag up nuts or seeds. My Favorite is pico de gallo (Salsa)  & corn chips.

Proteins for quick instant meals nuts, seeds, cheese & sausage or jerky are always an easy choice for on the go.

For More Info I Googled Parasite Cleanse & Liver Cleanse both of these have lists that make it easy,  from that info I added walnuts & raw carrots  to my Instant healthy eating quick snacks.

My Exercise quick tip just Walk more.

Many People Choose the Weight Loss Industry for Quick Businesses.

Good Luck Be Well!    Susan Dine

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