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Automated Drop Shipping Management Solution

NinjaSeller Automates the entire process of starting & managing Your Dropshipping Business on Shopify or Woocommmerce.  Import products from Aliexpress to Your stores.

Fulfill orders automatically & manage all Your products, stores, orders & Customers with NinjaSeller Your super back office.


NinjaSeller recommends using Shopify or WooCommerce which, thanks to their built in themes & existing framework, can have your store up & ready within a few hours.

All you have to do is link the store to AliExpress through a service like NinjaSeller & you’ve got everything you need on the product side ready to go in less than a day.


Drop shipping is an industry built around the idea of being a great middleman. The hardest work you’ll find with a drop shipping career is finding the best products.

NinjaSeller Your 100% Automated Drop Shipping Management Solution

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