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Ganoderma Coffee Club

Join Ganoderma Coffee Club a group of like-minded, health-conscious individuals that have come together to spread the word about one of the medicinal mushrooms, Ganoderma coffee products.

Start Instantly easy as sign up promote & share Your FREE Ganoderma Coffee Club website link with Friends & Family Online then get paid.  Your simple complete quick Coffee business FREE fast & easy Share Your website link part time, full time  When You Want Where You Want Anytime from Anywhere!

Health Benefits

Ganoderma, also called the reishi mushroom or in Chinese ling zhi, is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms in China, Japan, & the United States. Ganoderma has over 2000 years of documented history validating that Ganoderma Lucidum is the Miraculous King of Herbs or Mushroom of Immortality.

Due to its high antioxidant levels, it helps fight aging & stress. Red mushroom extract also known as the Master Antioxidant.This nutrient helps detoxify the liver & kidneys while improving your body’s ability to flush out toxins promotes longevity & slows aging. Research suggests that it helps balance blood sugar levels.

Free Coffee Business

You have an opportunity to promote Ganoderma Coffee Club products without ANY fees, NO autoships, or committments!  Ganoderma Coffee Club is 100% FREE to Join! Earn on 3 Generations of downline.  Our affiliate program pays out 40% per order!
Ganoderma Coffee Club will pay you a 15% commission for every sale you generate by sending people to your FREE replicated Ganoderma Coffee website.  You can even be your own best customer if you would like.
When people that you introduce to Ganoderma Coffee Club program become affiliates & place an order or have direct sales YOU will be Paid a 10% commission, plus earn a 15% commission from the next generation of affiliate sales!
Our Goal is to make sure that we all succeed in business!
We will make sure that you get your Ganoderma Coffee Club replicated website indexed in the search engines for your local area.
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Lead Pages Plus

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Privacy Policy

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Privacy  Policy of has been created by Susan Dine I Respect Everyone This Website does not Collect Private Information. 

Your Privacy when You Join My Affiliate Offers promoted on these pages & posts to help YOU get In BIZ Quick will never be used or sold Each Business that I Promote has a Privacy Policy about the information You share on sign up.

I no longer promote joining my list.  Members who have already joined my (qwkbizINFO) list Your Information is SAFE I do not sell or share any Information.

I hate email in general.  Yesterday I deleted over 200 emails to my personal act just affiliate offers, lists that I have joined nearly all were repeat offers.  I have only joined programs from 5 emails to my personal act.

I click for credits & read thousands of emails from guru’s & affiliates & the businesses that they Promote to me.  From all those Lists I have tried nearly every New Program & joined myself.  Try it before You buy it should be my slogan.

This Website does not Collect Private Information. 

Thank You for Visiting & Viewing My Affiliate Offers!

Have a Money Making Day!
Susan Dine

Domain Name

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Your Domain Name

What is a Domain name?  it is a website address a URL. Many New People worry over the domain name they choose Truthfully even a really stupid or silly name can be very successful.

Each Page & Every Post  of a website has its own URL. its own web address. Everyone wants the great catch super name good news if You already have a domain name it is only until it is up for renewal monthly,Yearly like mine (My Packaged deal was .com Domain & hosting for 1yr $30.06 for the entire Year!), or 2 yr whatever deal You purchased.

Free just Google Hyperlink & Link cloaking or a Vanity URL & shorten URL that is why it does not matter I use Bitly or Tiny URL They also track hits & traffic sources free.  Mine for example is (  & I Promote in Free Traffic Safelists & Solo Ad mailers using ( )  I earn points for Traffic Ad Bar & promote both at the same time. Using Cloaked links is why I never worry about the URL. Hyper linking in emails.

A Vanity URL is great for business cards for off line promotion I still Use Bitly for my 3rd party Affiliate business cards.  because I really like it is on my business cards.

What is Your Business Name? What type of Business or Market?  remember You can use each Page of a website as a different biz or sales funnel. As You Grow Your biz You can also create more websites & Web pages.

Key to Success

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Every Business needs a Plan

Know Your Why?

Your Business is all about YOU! Your Goals, Your Objective, Your Interests, Your Passion & Your Hobbies. Building a successful business is time consuming & challenging.

Making Money is about knowing Who Your Customer Market is: Online, Offline, Retail, Business to Business, Direct marketing (Your Products) or Affiliate marketing (other Peoples Products), Home based or Internet businesses.

Advertising How do You Plan to Promote Your Products.  Off line promotions & business cards. Online Email & Ad blasts Web Pages or blogs Social media texts or posts. TV & Newspaper Ads are expensive

Marketing to Marketers & Affiliates they buy if required it is the hardest market for Sales. If Your are sending Emails using Free Traffic Safelists & Solos Your marketing to marketers.

The Secret Key to Success in business is Customer SALES. Your Goal is to sell to BUYERS!

What do You want to accomplish? Do You see yourself as a Leader Coach or Guru? Do You Write & Intend to Publish? Creating Intellectual Property?  Selling Products, Gifts & other Items.

Start up Costs Expenses What is Your Budget? How Much Investment Capital do You have to work with?  What is Your bottom line. What is Your blood sweat & tears worth.

What is Your Knowledge base Your Skill set.  What is Your ability to Learn & Share Your Ideas & Inventions or Creations!

These basic questions will help You Focus on the Business You want to Grow to achieve SUCCESS!

Helping You Get In Biz Quickly!