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Post to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, Linkedin All with One Click.

Slack Social One stop solution for managing all YOUR Social networks & Profiles.

Attach unlimited:
  • Facebook accounts,
  • facebook groups,
  • Facebook pages,
  • Twitter accounts,
  • LinkedIn accounts,
  • LinkedIn groups,
  • Blogger blogs
  • Tumblr blogs.
3 Easy Steps: Create Draft Your post,
Select Your Networks, Schedule Your Promotions
Staying socially active has become an important part of life.
Staying in touch with your audience base is extremely important to survive the competition.
A huge amount of time & money is spent on keeping your audience socially engaged.
SlackSocial  is a useful service that helps you in managing your social circle.
SlackSocial  is a one stop solution for scheduling updates on popular social networks.
All you need to do is schedule your updates & leave it on us for timely delivery of the update
on desired social network. It’s extremely simple to use and real time and money saver.
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