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Privacy  Policy of has been created by Susan Dine I Respect Everyone This Website does not Collect Private Information. 

Your Privacy when You Join My Affiliate Offers promoted on these pages & posts to help YOU get In BIZ Quick will never be used or sold Each Business that I Promote has a Privacy Policy about the information You share on sign up.

I no longer promote joining my list.  Members who have already joined my (qwkbizINFO) list Your Information is SAFE I do not sell or share any Information.

I hate email in general.  Yesterday I deleted over 200 emails to my personal act just affiliate offers, lists that I have joined nearly all were repeat offers.  I have only joined programs from 5 emails to my personal act.

I click for credits & read thousands of emails from guru’s & affiliates & the businesses that they Promote to me.  From all those Lists I have tried nearly every New Program & joined myself.  Try it before You buy it should be my slogan.

This Website does not Collect Private Information. 

Thank You for Visiting & Viewing My Affiliate Offers!

Have a Money Making Day!
Susan Dine

Get Search Traffic

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How to get Search Engine Traffic to Your Website

When You don’t know what You don’t know & Success depends on learning & fixing & finding out HOW!

I set this Website up myself & the learning curve is challenging especially when I need to get it figured out,then discover how easy it was to FIX.  I have been checking My stats for hits, nearly all of the 16 thousand hits so far have been generated from Mailer solo ad traffic.

I added Yost it is an SEO Plugin then I have been trying to add Google Analytics, because of my previous blogs I just could not get it to generate the correct code. Then I deleted all my practice blogs & still my Empower blog was showing up.  I discovered in my Jetpack settings a TRAFFIC tab & I was able to see the Meta Tag code space for Google, Bing, Pinterest, & Yandex. Once I deleted Yost & the empower property & reverified Google Analytics everything worked finally.

Following The hyperlink from my site to Google, Bing, Pinterest & Yandex I was able to set up Webmaster Accounts & get the Meta Tag code data for my Site. The quick easy copy & paste then Verification was very simple. The Jetpack Settings in the dashboard of my website is very user friendly.  I needed to select qwkbiz as my Primary for Google.  Now my website is all set & receiving Search Engine FREE Public Traffic from Google, Bing, Pinterest & Yandex.

Yesterday I had never herd of Yandex & most of the info above was like a foreign language.  Today I am a Webmaster & I have discovered why so many blogs & websites FAIL.  Overcoming My Failure!

Getting FREE Public Search Engine Web Traffic to my Website now finally successfully Authenticated & Verified by Google, Bing, Pinterest, & Yandex.  Personal Achievement to Success.  We all want Massive Search Traffic!

Ocean Cleanup

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4ocean  ( )

4ocean ) is a global movement actively removing trash from the ocean & coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans, one pound at a time.

4ocean ) is a United States company selling bracelets made of recycled materials. The company promises to remove one pound of trash from the ocean & coastlines for each bracelet they sell. 4ocean ) sponsors events where volunteers remove trash

Every Bracelet Sold Pulls A Pound Of Trash From The Ocean. 1 Million+ Lbs Already Removed! Help Save The Sea Turtles. Help Save Our Sharks. Recycled Bracelets. 1 Bracelet = 1 lb Removed. 1 Million+ Pounds Removed. Join The Movement Today.

All above content is from 4ocean  ( )

This is a Special Interest Opportunity Only!  It is a very Worthy Cause Removing Plastics to Cleanup our Oceans that I am sharing. Please Give- Donate- Shop for a Cleaner Earth! I have no Affiliation I do not benefit.

Thank You!  Susan Dine

Missed Opportunities

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The Flaw of Using Lead Capture Pages

Are You promoting in free traffic sites & mailers?  Do You click for credits to send mail?

Look at the weekly stats of Your Autoresponder How many views of Your Promotion are You getting? How many leads are you generating & how many unsubscribed?  How many emails did You load to send automatically?

I am a Marketer & Using free traffic is mostly used by other marketers I often click on New Lead pages & just as often unsubscribe.  I have built my list from actual signups & buyers every program I promote I collect the Name & Email, sometimes the Phone# or address & Facebook- social act info ect.. I have an active list & they know my Name Susan Dine.

On this Website I invite everyone to bookmark my website & anyone can send me email Every blog I write & Program & Service I offer are a Promotion of a program to help grow Your business.

I personally hate emails if I get 4 or more in one day unless I actually Purchased something it is an automatic unsubscribe from me. I Click for credits so I want to see the offer but not enough to stop & enter my info or subscribe to a list that is the missed opportunity I did not watch the Promotion & I know from page views vs signups that Lead capture pages are a waste of time & missed opportunity of the Mail & the promotion in Free Click for credit Mailers free traffic sites.

Know Your Market lead capture pages can & do work. Your stats are how You should measure the effectiveness of How You choose to Promote. The best programs sell themselves but they need to be Seen or Your marketing effort is for nothing.

Promote & get Your offer Viewed that is the goal of Your Advertising!

NOTE: Does not collect Private Personal data or Information

Domain Name

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Your Domain Name

What is a Domain name?  it is a website address a URL. Many New People worry over the domain name they choose Truthfully even a really stupid or silly name can be very successful.

Each Page & Every Post  of a website has its own URL. its own web address. Everyone wants the great catch super name good news if You already have a domain name it is only until it is up for renewal monthly,Yearly like mine (My Packaged deal was .com Domain & hosting for 1yr $30.06 for the entire Year!), or 2 yr whatever deal You purchased.

Free just Google Hyperlink & Link cloaking or a Vanity URL & shorten URL that is why it does not matter I use Bitly or Tiny URL They also track hits & traffic sources free.  Mine for example is (  & I Promote in Free Traffic Safelists & Solo Ad mailers using ( )  I earn points for Traffic Ad Bar & promote both at the same time. Using Cloaked links is why I never worry about the URL. Hyper linking in emails.

A Vanity URL is great for business cards for off line promotion I still Use Bitly for my 3rd party Affiliate business cards.  because I really like it is on my business cards.

What is Your Business Name? What type of Business or Market?  remember You can use each Page of a website as a different biz or sales funnel. As You Grow Your biz You can also create more websites & Web pages.

Key to Success

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Every Business needs a Plan

Know Your Why?

Your Business is all about YOU! Your Goals, Your Objective, Your Interests, Your Passion & Your Hobbies. Building a successful business is time consuming & challenging.

Making Money is about knowing Who Your Customer Market is: Online, Offline, Retail, Business to Business, Direct marketing (Your Products) or Affiliate marketing (other Peoples Products), Home based or Internet businesses.

Advertising How do You Plan to Promote Your Products.  Off line promotions & business cards. Online Email & Ad blasts Web Pages or blogs Social media texts or posts. TV & Newspaper Ads are expensive

Marketing to Marketers & Affiliates they buy if required it is the hardest market for Sales. If Your are sending Emails using Free Traffic Safelists & Solos Your marketing to marketers.

The Secret Key to Success in business is Customer SALES. Your Goal is to sell to BUYERS!

What do You want to accomplish? Do You see yourself as a Leader Coach or Guru? Do You Write & Intend to Publish? Creating Intellectual Property?  Selling Products, Gifts & other Items.

Start up Costs Expenses What is Your Budget? How Much Investment Capital do You have to work with?  What is Your bottom line. What is Your blood sweat & tears worth.

What is Your Knowledge base Your Skill set.  What is Your ability to Learn & Share Your Ideas & Inventions or Creations!

These basic questions will help You Focus on the Business You want to Grow to achieve SUCCESS!

Helping You Get In Biz Quickly!

Tech Challenged

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How to build a website?

For NAN, to answer Your Comment: {I’m really enjoying the design and layout of
your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Exceptional work!}

This is a  Theme. When I bought my Domain & 1 yr Hosting package ($30.06 for the entire year) it had 5 Themes already preloaded in my back office and over 8000 to choose from. This Theme White Xmas by Carolina was My first choice. Then I wasted 4 hours.

I tried nearly 60 Themes & after almost 4 hours I had tried enough themes to decide on 3 or 4 fields. I am not a developer, I chose this Theme because I really liked the Christmas theme choice and it is a good color for reading.  The Layout & Design was unique from most of the other Themes.

I sometimes amaze myself,  2 weeks ago I bought this domain name  and had this website active within 12 hours of work.  The Plug & Play easy with WordPress How to Guide, is very user friendly.  I was able to customize it & Publish it myself. My hosting also has a website builder inside back office step by step How to Guide.

I am so Tech Challenged. Building this Website was Copy & Paste Easy I have added Pictures & Widgets to enable my banner promotion. I deleted 3 preloaded Pics that did not fit for my Home page. I turned off the Portfolio page, until I finish the Edit for publication.

I Learn Daily and make the changes necessary the Beaver builder for editing is new to me, so I use the word editor often. I have NO EXPERIENCE!  All I had to do was make selections & attempt to do it.  I did google a question and the answer was just a simple One click fix.

Invest in You!

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You are Worth It

If Time is Money; Remember that Everything You Learn & Do is an Investment in Your Future.

You will always be Your best Investment the Time & Energy You take to Improve & Educate Yourself daily.  I sometimes amaze myself, when I know an answer or I can use my knowledge to help someone.

My Interests & Hobbies have changed over the Years but my Education, Practice, Research & Experience in My Life in the Pursuit of making money from Jobs to Opportunities is an Investment in ME!

I choose what interests me. Thanks to Google we have the world at Our fingertips. We can find information on nearly every subject (niche) or term with search words, we are able to educate ourselves as fast as we can absorb or understand the information.

I reached a point  I wanted a website. I Invested $30.06 for my Domain Name (a .com) & 1 year of Hosting. That is my expense for the entire Year! I chose a WordPress theme because I have already used the format and the how to Guide, tips, service & Help is available FREE!  24/7

Many Programs want You to sign up for domains & hosting service they are promoting usually at a cost of $37-$97 per month. You do not need to Pay for the frustration of  the horse & carrot education.

I Got Scammed

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How to Avoid Scams & Junk Programs

When it says No Refunds No Returns, Or If PayPal is not a Pay Choice.

I have been Lucky with all the Programs I have tried this Year that only 2 were scam crap.

I spent $4.99 on a PayPal fake incomplete program (I thought it was a PayPal sponsored Affiliate Op) the code was incomplete and was never going to work as advertised for a blogger blog also Not PayPal at all. I submitted a refund request and escalated the dispute and PayPal found in my favor & refunded the $4.99.

The other was a $3 Turbo Cash scam I requested the refund because it did not redirect to my PayPal act. Seller Hruz. rejected my request on No refund policy but in his own rejection it was proof that the 100% Commission to my PayPal act was false advertising.  Escalated my refund request & PayPal found in my favor.

I try to be careful when I opt into new programs I do read the terms before I buy.  I don’t buy a program that does not use PayPal.

If You have purchased  a crap program that did not work as advertised even when it says No Refunds No Returns that policy is void If the Program is not as advertised or by design will never work as advertised. Submit a refund request You have nothing to lose but You might get Your money back.   I Did!

Free How to Blog

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Start Here with WordPress!

Just Do It!

All the info I have read from others is just signup with WordPress or Blogger (Google) FREE!  Pick any theme that looks good to You, they can be changed later without losing Your content, Your already written blogs or pages your Work; will all convert to a new theme.  The time you spend perfecting your design the look of your title block customizing that is time chalk up to learning from One theme to another.

What to blog?  Thinking up great blog posts don’t worry, no good book was ever written in one sitting most have several chapters. You will find Content with Your Interests!

How to choose a Domain name I started with skdinemoney while it never worked on line it was good practice It was stupid I also have skdinegroup, skdinegifts, skdineinfo, I have not published them all but You get where I went wrong.  no matter how stupid your domain name You can make it work.  My first Website was Gamez in 2010, that was a great domain name, I did not renew it in 2012.

I wanted to create a Domain name that would best describe my Hobby and easy to remember & share qwkbiz was a fluke in my keyword search.

Using a free WordPress blog the advantage is You can upgrade and convert to a real website when You choose to.  using the free blog you can learn how to use WordPress they have a wonderful How to Guide within the program. Most websites are WordPress themed websites.

Get Your Blog Get Going!

WordPress is at the bottom of all my site pages scroll down where it says Proudly Powered by WordPress Click and get a Blog & Info FREE!

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